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Penny Squares - Party Dress


This kit harkens back to a time in our American heritage when “Penny Squares” were the rage. The simple line drawings on cotton squares were easy to follow and fun to embroider. They were used in quilt making, decorating linens, and teaching embroidery to children.

Our new updated version, based on vintage images, fits with any type of décor from modern to traditional. If it’s your first time stitching, this is a great way to start. If you’re a crazy embroidery enthusiast, be creative! Feel free to add more decorative stitches or an embroidered name. We have included extra floss in all the colors. We also like adding beads or buttons to create a nice 3-dimensional look for your wall art. Pick from our 6 vintage inspired designs.

 Each kit contains:

  • Printed embroidery image on cotton 9.5x9.5
  • 7” hoop
  • needle
  • floss
  • directions with color legend

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