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About Us

We met some years ago in Los Angeles while working together on a TV series. Heidi was designing the costumes, and Nancy was wearing them. We discovered we shared an interest in needle arts, knitting, embroidery and quilting.

One day, a friend who knew about Nancy's quilting experience approached her. The friend asked Nancy to design a baby quilt that could be made by the guests at a baby shower. What better way to involve everyone than having an old-fashioned sewing bee? Nancy put everything together so that each guest could embroider a square using simple vintage embroidery. It was a huge hit! Not only was it fun to do, but each guest helped create a unique and one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Later, a co-worker of Heidi’s became pregnant. It was the perfect opportunity to try to make a quilt at work. Heidi gave out 32 quilt squares with needle, hoop and floss. Everyone on the set embroidered during the breaks and tried to keep it a secret from the mother-to-be. We collected everyone’s squares and put the quilt together. At the baby shower, the mother-to-be was presented with a unique and beautiful quilt. She was thrilled.

Our quilting parties became so popular that everyone we knew wanted one. Many babies later (Heidi has a huge extended family) we said to each other, "Let’s start a business. We'll design a kit that everyone will find simple, beautiful and easy to use." Sewing Bird took flight.

Each Sewing Bird kit uses only the finest materials. We select from hundreds of fabrics, from designer to classic, with floss to match. In addition we pre-print all the images and pre-cut all the fabric for you.There is a range of quilt designs to choose from for both beginner and experienced stitchers.

Happy quilting!
Heidi & Nancy