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Mother's day craft. April 12 2021

Mother's Day Craft! Make your mom a hand crafted gift!

Quick and Easy DIY Valentine Sachet February 11 2021

Valentines Day Sachet

Valentine Cookie Recipe - Chocolate Madeleines February 09 2021

Nothing is more moist and chocolatey than this lovely little Madeleine cake.

Diy Valentine Embroidery Gift February 09 2021

With Valentine's Day on the way, we wanted to share this fun embroidery craft with you.

May Morris May 28 2019

Photograph of May Morris by Frederick Hollyer

May Morris -  artist, feminist and businesswoman.

Vintage quilts and pincushions.... weaknesses of mine. April 14 2019

Vintage pin cushions.. who can resist?

My Mother's Apron November 18 2018

My Mother's Apron

Jack's Quilt July 22 2018

Sewing bird was delighted to be a part of Vinessa Shaw and Kris Gifford’s baby shower. Their family and friends came together to celebrate the future arrival of their son Jack!

Surprise Sewing Bird baby quilt on the set of The Middle! April 28 2018

Cast and crew of The Middle got together to make a surprise Sewing Bird baby quilt..

A little sweetie showing off his special quilt! February 17 2018

Each night this little guy asks for the special quilt that his grandmother stitched for him...

Katie's baby shower January 21 2018

On a very pretty day last fall, there was a baby shower for Katie and one of our Sewing Bird baby quilt kits was to be the activity!


Pam's stitches. October 02 2017

Here are some lovely stitches made by our friend Pam on some squares from our Bug collection.. We think they look pretty great!  It's hard to believe she was a beginner, but I will let her tell you in her own words:

What is a Sewing Bird? September 18 2017


This beautiful antique tool was designed in the 19th century for hand sewing. Clamped to the edge of a table, it acted as a "3rd hand" keeping the fabric taut as one sewed. By pressing the top and bottom tail together it opens the beak which allows the sewer to place the fabric in the beak holding it securely while stitching a hem or seam. Keep in mind that the sewing machine was not invented. Women would buy fabric to make their kitchen towels, sheets, quilts, blankets, aprons and clothes for the family. This involved a lot of hand sewing; to be exact, hemming! A very handy tool to have before the invention of the sewing machine.

Hettie Puckett and her friends made a quilt top September 07 2017

Some years back I bought a vintage quilt top. It's one of those "many hands" quilts that I love so much. A quilt made by a family or a group of friends. It is very simple, a checkerboard design with bubble gum pink and off-white muslin squares. What makes this one so very special is that each muslin square contains a hand embroidered name. And what wonderful names they are!

fabric spotlight:strip quilts September 04 2017


 This modern style quilt design is a panel of embroidered images nestled between 2 strips of fabric. The simplicity of composition and construction makes for a project that is quick and easy to make. Minimal seaming. Perfect for the beginner.

fabric spotlight: fresh modern August 23 2017

Fresh modern.  A bright happy palette! That's what we were looking for. Fun lively patterns..... and we found them. Our modern fabric offerings result in a finished quilt that will add a splash of color to a neutral themed nursery or mix and match with a more lively decor.

fabric spotlight: retro August 23 2017

As we were choosing our fabric offerings, there was never any doubt that we would be including some retro-inspired patterns and color ways. Whether these retro fabrics bring back fond childhood memories or the designs and colors just appeal to you, we have included these fabrics in our collection.

fabric spotlight: classic August 23 2017

Classic means never going out of style. Quiet soothing tones never go out of favor. And now with neutrals being so popular in nursery decor, our  classic fabrics pair well with what is trending.

Throw a Sewing Bird baby shower! August 23 2017

 If you are planning on making a sewing bird quilt with family and friends, it can be a great baby shower activity. The squares can easily be embroidered during the party. Parents "to be" can see the stitches being made and that memory becomes a special part of the finished quilt.

Welcome to Sewing Bird August 23 2017

Here we can tell you more about our embroidered baby quilt kits, as well as photos of finished quilts. We will be offering tips for embroidery, quilt assembling and plans for upcoming quilt designs.