Jack's Quilt July 22 2018

Jack’s Quilt

Sewing bird was delighted to be a part of Vinessa Shaw and Kris Gifford’s baby shower. Their family and friends came together to celebrate the future arrival of their son Jack!

It was a beautiful day in Southern California. The shower guests turned out to be a very creative group who were ready to jump right in and start embroidering. No coaxing was necessary, even for those who had never embroidered before! It is true we often say “every quilt tells a unique story” and this one is no exception. Each square is as special as the person who embroidered it and we were able to take a few photos of everyone having fun and showing off their quilt blocks.


Vinessa and Kris chose the Whimsy Collection with the grey chambray fabric. We put two kits together to accommodate the large group. We pre-threaded needles and hooped the squares in preparation for the activity.

Each personality is clearly captured in these squares. Here little pom poms were added to this Giraffe, giving him added charm. We love seeing people give individual expression to their squares.


Anybody can embroider, regardless of age or skill-level. The kids at the shower had a great time learning how to embroider and this proud stitcher did such a great job with her panda. 

Fun and easy, she embroidered this square super fast! We've designed these images so that they can be completed during the party. Simple and charming, this fox was completed in record time.



More than one person can work on one embroidery squarethis elephant was done by a family! 

Every embroiderer adds their own spin with their techniques. Love how this tree received special attention with the addition of leaves and a satin stitched bird.

It's fun for a family to create one square together! They signed their names, along with a personal message for the baby. By adding these personal touches they made Jack's quilt truly "one of a kind."

Jack's quilt is tailor made for him with love and messages from his family and friends. It will be something he can look at for years to come. We can tell you for a fact that Jack is now cuddling and napping on the finished quilt.

Thank you to Vinessa and Kris for allowing Sewing Bird the chance to partake in your beautiful shower!