Throw a Sewing Bird baby shower! August 23 2017

If you are planning on making a Sewing Bird quilt with family and friends, it can be a great baby shower activity. The squares can easily be embroidered during the party. Parents "to be" can see the stitches being made and that memory becomes a special part of the finished quilt.

We have given many of these showers and have discovered a few preparatory steps that will insure a stress free event. So lets start by sharing some pictures from a sewing bird baby shower that we threw for a dear niece.

Place all of your supplies on a designated table. Here are the items that your guests will need.

You can make your life easier if you purchase one of our party packs sold in multiples for six guests.

You may want to buy or make cute pin cushions. We tucked in some scissors to share. 

We also added some of our favorite vintage pin cushions to the table.

It isn't necessary, but we pre-threaded some needles to make it extra easy for first timers. You will need to separate the strands of floss and cut them into approx 36" lengths for a knotless start.

Before the guests arrive, you will want to separate the image squares and place them in hoops.

 Here is the mommy-to-be picking her special square to embroider.

We provided little baskets that could be filled with  supplies and carried to the table.

The table was set for a tea party!

Now the really fun part..

Simple images, quick and easy to do at a party.

Almost done with these little chicks.

This little lamb is done using running stitch and couldn't be cuter.

A beautiful finished square...

The proud stitchers show their finished embroidery. 

Simple buffet to keep it easy.

There are so many ways to throw a sewing bird party. Can't wait to see photos of yours!