Vintage quilts and pincushions.... weaknesses of mine. April 14 2019

I just can't resist a sweet, vintage pincushion.

Through the years, I have managed to collect a few of these charming vintage porcelain pin cushions. Most of them were made in Japan during the 30's and 40's. This particular one, with her luster-ware skirt and tired expression makes me very happy. They are still easy to find on ebay and etsy, so I highly recommend looking for them so you can start your very own collection.

Our first embroidered quilt kit image collection, Retro 18, was inspired by our love for vintage things. 

 And I will leave you with some photos of a lively scrappy vintage quilt. It was just a pieced top when I acquired it, but I had it machine quilted and I love it! I hope you do, too.

warmly, Nancy