Welcome to Sewing Bird August 23 2017

Hi! Welcome to our Sewing Bird blog!

Here we can tell you more about our embroidered baby quilt kits, as well as photos of finished quilts. We will be offering tips for embroidery, quilt assembling and plans for upcoming quilt designs.

The origin of Sewing Bird started with a request to design a quilt that could be made by friends and family. We came up with a great idea: lets make it the baby shower activity! Everyone had such a great time and the resulting quilt was so beautiful with its unique personality. A "one of a kind".

With everything being mass produced in this fast paced world, there is nothing like taking a moment with friends and family to join in the stitching of a treasured heirloom. We were surprised and happy that this old fashioned concept of the "sewing bee" was so enthusiastically embraced by everyone. This inspired the idea of designing a kit that would be accessible to anyone wanting to make their own special baby quilt.

Over the course of developing our kits to make them fool-proof and fun, we also wanted you to be a part of the design process allowing for a truly personal quilt. Start by picking your image collection, from vintage inspired to modern whimsical. Then on to the fabric selection with its coordinating embroidery thread. Depending on your style, whether you like soft tones, fresh modern, classic, or fun retro, there is something for every child's decor!

And when it comes time to do the embroidery, you get to choose where the colors go and which stitches you want to use, thereby guaranteeing a truly one of a kind treasure.

Now that the quilt colors and images are chosen, we wanted to continue to make it easy by eliminating the tiresome and time consuming prep work. Most other quilt kits come with folded yardage and paper templates to trace or iron. You won't get that with our kits. Here's why;

The kit comes with:

  • Pre-printed images ready to embroider on Kona cotton. No time consuming tracing or iron-on transfers. All you have to do is cut along the marked lines and you are ready to embroider. Our images are printed on Kona, a high quality 100% soft white cotton.
  • Pre-cut soft cotton fabric squares and borders in your choice of colorway. These 6.5x6.5" squares are pre-cut. precise and accurate! The borders are cut in 6.5" widths. All saving hours of time.
  • Pre-cut gingham binding strips. The binding strips are cut in 3" widths which we feel accommodates the thickness of the Minky backing.
  • Coordinating DMC embroidery thread to match your fabric choice. We have carefully selected embroidery thread colors to coordinate with the fabrics in our kits. This guarantees a cohesive result.
  • Cuddly easy care Minky backing. Everybody loves Minky. Super soft and easy care. Even after repeated washing, it won't lose its softness.
  • 5" embroidery hoop.This size wooden hoop works perfectly with our squares. Comfortable in beginner's hands.
  • 2 embroidery needles. With a long "eye" for easy threading, we like this size.
  • Stitch guide. We have included a guide with recommended stitches that we think works best for our outline embroidery.
  • Instruction booklet. Step by step instructions to guide you. From your first embroidery stitches to the final assembly of your quilt, it's all there.

The kit arrives in a drawstring muslin bag suitable for gift giving.

( This is a good place to mention that we DO NOT include batting. Due to personal preferences, many people like to choose their own. We like to use a cotton/blend low-loft, but there are so many options- from bamboo to wool, we will leave that to you!)

So there you have it! Everything you need and ready to go!

We make the kit, you make the heirloom.


Enjoy and Good Luck!